Zubly's Ferry

What: 1 January 1779, Skirmish, Patriots vs. *Capt. Campbell

Other names: Purysburg?

Where: 32.3040846, -81.1220553

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  • Per PJO: "I think that Zubly's Ferry was the actual landing beside Purysburg."

  • 1780 Faden map of Sketch of the Northern Frontiers of Georgia appears to confirm this.

    Zubly's Ferry

  • NBBAS:One p. 223.
    Zublyís Ferry, Georgia
    1 January 1779

    After the capture of Savannah Campbell continued to move up the Savannah River towards Purrysburgh. Purrysburgh was about twenty miles from Savannah and was named after Pierre Purry, a Swiss who founded the town in the 1730s. The Light Infantry of the 71st Highlanders were leading the way when they learned that the Patriots were taking slaves who were the property of Georgia Loyalists to the South Carolina side. Campbell gave "a Confidential Mulatto" a musket and "sent him forward with a Number of Negroes to the Bank of the River to call out to the Rebels for Godís Sake send over the Boats and save his Masterís Slaves from falling into the hands of the Kingís Troops."

    On the Georgia side Captain Campbell hid his Light Infantry within the woods. The Patriots took the bait and rowed the ferryboats over to the Georgia side. When the boats reached the shore the Mulatto fired his musket and the Light Infantry sprang out and seized the boats. Captain Campbell did not lose a single man, and eighty-three slaves were "rescued" within site of the 1,000 troops of General Benjamin Lincoln.

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