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Zane's Iron Plantation.

Other names: Zane’s Furnace, Stephens Fort, Marlboro Iron Works, Old Forge Farm

Iron works, major supplier of ordnance to Continental Army.

39.079417, -78.324652, Zane's Iron Plantation

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  • 39.0781623 -78.3255596, Zanes Iron Plantation (Stephens Fort)
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  • National Register of Historic Places Registration Form.
    "other names: Zane’s Furnace, Stephens Fort, Marlboro Iron Works"

    "During the American Revolution, Zane’s furnace, also called Marlboro Iron Works, was one of the largest suppliers of ordnance to the Continental Army."

    "During the Revolutionary War, Zane’s Marlboro Iron Works became a munitions factory producing four- and six-pound ordnance, shot, langrage, swivel balls, and chain shot."

    "At the time of his death, Zane was still in debt, mostly to his brother-in-law, John Pemberton, largely due to the fact that he was not paid for much of what he supplied for the Revolution, and because of his extensive land holdings, most heavily mortgaged. Although Zane tried to sell property during the 1780s, he was unsuccessful and he fell deeper and deeper into debt. In addition, as a brigadier general of the Virginia Militia after the war, he paid soldiers, widows and heirs pensions, often without reimbursement. The iron works was in ruins by 1783 and the house “was in dire need of a new roof”."

  • Cooper, Karen G., Isaac Zane’s Marlboro Ironworks/A Colonial Iron Plantation/1763-1795. A thesis submitted to the Graduate Faculty of James Madison University in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the degree of Master of Arts, Department of History, May 1991.

    JP: Two copies are located in Carrier Library at James Madison University. One is in Special Collections and the other circulates. -- email note from Clive Hallman, Professor Emeritus History, JMU, Harrisonburg, Va. Another copy is at the USFS Regional Office, which I think is in Edinburg, not Strasburg.

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