Wyoming Massacre
Bloody Rock

Wyoming Massacre

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7/3/1778 Col. Butler (300 American militia) vs. *MG John Butler (1100 British, Loyalist, and Indians)

Where: 41.305477, -75.844497 Wyoming Massacre
41.30808, -75.83212 Bloody Rock

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  • Battle of Wyoming historical marker
    Nearby on July 3, 1778, 300 American militia under Col. Zebulon Butler were defeated by 1100 British, Tories, and Indians with Maj. Gen. John Butler. Captives were massacred; survivors fled to Forty Fort.
    41.30563 -75.84508
    Erected 1952 by Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission.

    Also, see "Behind the Marker"

  • Battlefield of Wyoming
    Between 4 and 5 o'clock in the afternoon of July 3, 1778, an American force of about 300 men, led by Col. Zebulon Butler, Col. Nathan Denison, Lieut. Col. George Dorrance and Major Jonathan Garrett formed in line of battle east and west of this spot, then advanced in a northerly direction about a mine and attacked some 700 British and Indians, but were driven back beyond this point and of the Americans engaged more than half of them were slain in the battle and in the massacre that followed.

    Erected by the Rotary Club of Wyoming, PA. July 1935

    41.31513 -75.83248

  • Battle of Wyoming
    The British battle line was formed almost parallel with and a little north of this street by Major John Butler, the commander, and Sayenqueraghta, chief of the Senecas.

    After advancing in formation for a mile to about 100 yards south of the British line, the Americans, led by Col. Zebulon Butler, were defeated and surrounded, and the large number captured were massacred that night by the Indians.

    Erected November 1950 by The American Legion and The Veterans of Foreign Wars of Exeter.

    41.31402 -75.82734

  • The Bloody Rock marker
    On the night of July 3, 1778, after the Battle of Wyoming, fourteen or more captive American soldiers were murdered here by a maul wielded by a revengeful Indian woman, traditionally but not certainly identified as "Queen Esther."
    Erected 1962. 41.30808 -75.83212 Basis of location

  • Acme Map showing Bloody Rock closest to the river and all 3 Wyoming Massacre locations in order, left to right.

  • RevWar75 RevWar75
  • July 1778 listing. 7/3 - 4/1778 Wyoming Valley "Massacre. Shown as American defeat.
  • April 1779 listing. 4/19/1779 Wyoming Valley. Shown as draw.

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