Wragg's Ferry

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2 Apr 1781, unk. American cdr vs. unknown cdr, detachment of Queen's American Rangers
Strategic ferry on Black River near Georgetown.

Where: 33.436602, -79.2461027 Wragg's Ferry

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  •, "War Chronology, 1781"
    02 Apr 1781, Wragg's Ferry, South Carolina, detachment of Queen's American Rangers

  • Edward McCrady, The History of South Carolina in the Revolution, 1780-17831902, Macmillan & Co., Ltd., p.171
    Colonel Watson, it will be remembered, upon Sumter's retreat to the Waxhaws in March, had been sent by Lord Rawdon with his own regiment and Harrison's Tories, numbering in all about five hundred men, to crush out Marion. This, however, he had not accomplished. On the contrary, Marion had assumed the offensive, and had fought him at Wiboo Swamp, Mount Hope, and Black River, and had finally driven him into Georgetown. Having refreshed himself at Georgetown, Watson had proceeded again towards the Pee Dee. He had taken the nearest route, across Black River at Wragg's Ferry, the Pee Dee at Euhany, and the Little Pee Dee at Potatobed Ferry, and had halted at Catfish Creek, a mile from where the town of Marion now stands.

  • RevWar75 RevWar75  
  • Apr 1781 listing   4/2/1781 Wragg's Ferry. Incomplete data. Per Braisted.

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