Winyah, near

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*Captain Dean, Privateer snow Vengenance vs. Capt. Rogers Peace and Harmony, British brig, driven ashore, 28 Mar 1779 (JCP)

Where: 33.18723 -79.17346 Winyah, near

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  • E. Lee Spence, Shipwrecks of South Carolina and Georgia, "Spence's List 1520-1865", Sea Research Society, Sullivan's Island, SC, 1984, p.242,
    The brig Peace and Harmony [British], Captain Rogers, was drove ashore near Winyah, South Carolina, on March 28, 1779, and burned by the privateer snow Vengenance of New York, Captain Dean. A small sloop was in company with the privateer. (Note: This may have been the brig Peace and Harmony, Captain G. Kennedy, listed in Lloyd’s Register of Shipping for Underwriters for 1778. That brig was built in Boston in 1775 and was classed A-I for insurance purposes. She was single decked, 80 tons, and drew 9' of water.) [

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