White Hall Plantation.

What: Gen. Andrew Williamson's plantation near 96

Other names: White House

34.0831 -82.2128, White Hall Plantation

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  • 34.0831,-82.2128, White Hall Plantation
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    • NBBAS:Two. p.383. Account of Long Cane, 12 December 1780. "...White Hall, where the partisans [Americans] had been camped..."
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    • NBBAS:Three. p.404.
      Pine Wood House and White Hall, South Carolina [i]
      "The Bloody Scout"
      December 1781

      On December 2nd "Bloody Bill" Cunningham and Hezekiah Williams separated their forces twenty miles above Orangeburgh. Cunningham then split his men into two groups. One of the groups moved into the mountains and took refuge with the Cherokee Indians. The other group bypassed the various Patriot posts and returned safely to Charlestown. As they moved by the Long Cane area Williams detached Captain John Crawford to harass the settlers there.

      On the march northward Crawford murdered George Foreman and his two sons near the Pine Wood House. He continued his march to within four miles of Martintown and then proceeded to White Hall. White Hall was the plantation of Andrew Williamson that Andrew Pickens had turned into a military post. Crawford attacked the garrison and destroyed the defenses that had been constructed.

      [i] The Pine Wood House was a tavern near the present day crossroads of US 25 and SC 121, in Trenton. White Hall was located where US 221 crosses state secondary road 156, eight miles southwest of Greenwood.

    • Samuel Hammond pension statement. May 1780. "Williamson discharged Militia & called a council of Officers to attend at White Hall, his residence near Ninety Six."

    • Sherman, "Calendar...". p.125. To avoid long downloads, use option to "Save and view this PDF in Reader".

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