White Hall.

Other names: Vanderhorst Plantation

What: ?? August 1782 skirmish: *Capt. Capers vs. Capt. March

Where: 32.93243, -79.68626

Maps: [map notes]

  • 32.93243,-79.68626, Vanderhorst Plantation. No other Vanderhorst plantation is found in the vicinity on either Cooks 1773 map or Mills 1820 map.
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  • 32.8591, -79.9120, Daniel's Island.
  • GNIS record for Daniel's Island, Berkeley Co. SC. Note mapping options.


    • Snippet from Cook's 1773 map:
      Shown approximately opposite Capers Island.

    • Snippet from Mills Charleston 1820 map:
      Shown approximately opposite Bull Island.

    • William Dobien James, Life of Brig. Gen. Francis Marion, p.61. His scouting parties still penetrated into St. Thomas' parish as far as Daniel's island and Clement's ferry.

    • NBBAS:Four, p.81. Southeastern Berkeley County.

    • Sherman's Calendar.... Ends before this date.

    • RevWar75 RevWar75   listing for White Hall (Vanderhorst Pl) ?? Aug 1782. Shown as Americans winning.

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