Wells Plantation (Bull Head)

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Skirmish, Captain William Bennett vs. *detachments of Prince of Wales American Rgt, South Carolina Militia, 24 Aug 1781

Where: 33.02138 -79.728971 Wells Plantation (Bull Head)

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  • Terry W. Lipscomb, "South Carolina Revolutionary Battles - Part Ten" (MS H-2-2), unpublished manuscript, p. 30-31
    In the parishes of St. Thomas and Christ Church, near Charleston, Marion's troops were involved in a couple of actions. that have not been previously mentioned. On August 24, 1781, a party of militia and Continental cavalry raided as far south as Daniel Island, just across the Cooper River from the city. Upon their retreat northward, their trail was picked up by a party of regular troops and Loyalist, militia sent out by Captain McNeil, the commander of the British post at Wappetaw. This expedition overtook a party of Marion's militia after sundown at Wells's plantation on Bull Head. The British proceeded to surround the house, but the Patriots, commanded by Captain William Bennett, were alerted in the nick of time by the barking of a dog. In the ensuing skirmish, the royal forces killed one Patriot, wounded several others, and took sixteen good horses with all their trappings, but they did not succeed in capturing most of Bennett's command. The Wells family owned the firm that published Charleston's Loyalist newspaper, which may account for the excellent press coverage that this small affair received.

    Bull Head is the source of a southern tributary of Quinby Creek that is today known as Northampton Creek. The site is in present-day Berkeley County about five miles southeast of Huger and less than two miles from the Charleston County line.43

    43 The Royal Gazette, September 5, 1781; Robert Mills's map of Charleston District (1825); Ocean Bay quadrangle topographic map (1943).

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  • Aug 1781 listing 8/24/1781 Wells' Plantation, Bullhead. Insufficient data. Per Braisted.

  • RoyalProvincial.Com, 1781:
    24 Aug 1781 Wells's Plantation, Bullhead, South Carolina, Detachments from Prince of Wales American Regiment and South Carolina Militia

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