Wateree Ferry.

What: Campsite, 28 Apr 1781, MG Greene

Other names:

34.22184 -80.62885 Wateree Ferry
34.2482 -80.6567 Greene's camp, mouth of Twenty Five Mile Creek, near

Maps: [map notes]

  • NBBAS:Three. p. 224-226.

  • Sherman, "Calendar...". p.358-9. Rawdon quoted as following the direct road from ferry to Sawney's Creek. On the 1820 Kershaw map, there were direct roads from both ferry sites to Crim's Mill, suggested as the Sawney's Creek site. To avoid long downloads, use option to "Save and view this PDF in Reader".

  • Mill's 1820 Kershaw map shows a ferry about 2 miles SW of Camden, and about 9 miles from either suggested Sawney's Creek location. There is another ferry shown on the Wateree about 7 miles south of this site. Road was shown connecting this to the 1820 Crim's Mill site used for the JAR location of Sawney's Creek. Basis for site location.

  • CBB: "Unless I am greatly mistaken, Greene's first Lugoff camp was at the mouth of the 25 mile Creek.
    Basis for Greene's "Wateree Ferry campsite".

    The Wateree Ferry is about 300 yards upstream from the I-20 bridges. There is an extant early 19th century stone bridge pier there and much civil engineering on the causeways as shown on the topo attached in red. Basis for Wateree Ferry site location.

    Cary's Fort was on the Wateree Ferry Road (to Granby) about 3/4ths mile from the river, out of the flood plane. Greene next moved to where the modern Wateree Dam Road and Sawneys Creek , a very strong defensive position.

    Wateree Fy Topo

    Wateree Ferry

Related sites: Sawney's Creek, Cary's Fort

Submitted by: Patrick O'Kelley. Locations by CBB.

Confidence level: 5 / 3