Wappoo Creek

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British heavy batteries located here for the Siege of Charleston.

Where: 32.77239916 -79.9525893 Wappoo Creek

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  • Henry Haymond, History of Harrison County, West Virginia: From the Early Days of ..., 1910, Acme Pub. Co., p.150
    Jacob Nay. Entered Capt. Lamb's Compy. at Culpepper Co., Va. Col. Gaston's Regt. under command of Genl. Steuben. Transferred to a cavalry corps commanded by Col. White under Capt. Gunn. Served in cavalry 20 months then rejoined old regt. under Maj. Findley. Discharged by Genl. Scott at Cumberland C. H. Virginia. Was in skirmish at Jones' Island where Col. Lawrence was killed and on the Wappoo gut.

  • Edward McCrady, The History of South Carolina in the Revolution, 1775-1780, 1901, Macmillan & Co., Ltd., p.457,
    ] At this time, the morning of the 5th of April, Mr. Thomas Horry, who was superintending the negroes working upon the lines, received a contusion from a spent musket ball, and a few shots followed afterward, but without doing any damage. The negroes were a little frightened at first, but continued their work.1 In the evening fire was opened from the opposite side of the town. Four galleys came out of Wappoo Cut, two-thirds across Ashley River, about eight o'clock, it being very dark, and with the batteries on Wappoo Neck opened fire upon the town. This was kept up all night.

  • American historical association, "Documents, The Siege of Charleston", The American Historical Review, publ. 1899, p.490
    March 11th. Weighed at Seven in the morning and ran up with the Tide to Head Qtrs7 at Hudsons or Perino's near the Entrance of Wappoo Cut Immediately went on shore to the Commander in Chief. Lord Cornwallis and General Leslie advanced with the British Flank Corps and 7th and 23rd Regiments to the Main, four Miles Beyond Wapoo Bridge. Schooners pushed thro" the Bridge to receive some heavy ordnance and stores intended for a Battery to be built to Night at the mouth of the Creek next Charles Town. Colonels Fox and Balfour arrived to day in the Richmond from Cork, they left the Convoy consisting of Victuallers and Oat Ships at Tybee. The Russell and Robuste sailed yesterday to New York, a disagreeable rainy day. Wind South East This Night a Batty was begun on the Pt near Wappoo Cut at Fenwicks Barn. 2 32pdr and an 8in. Howitzer mounted before day break Some Rebel Gallies and armed Brigs cannonaded the Battery, but obliged to sheer off. Battery finished next day and 4 more 32 pdrs mounted.

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    3/11/1780 Mouth of Wappoo Creek. Draw. Per Peckham.
    3/21/1780 Wappoo Canal. Draw. Per O'Kelley.

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