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Campsite, Francis Marion, 6-10 January 1781
Skirmish, Wambaw Creek Bridge, Col. Lemuel Benton vs. *Maj. John Doyle, 24 Feb 1782

33.1259062, -79.6172597, Wambaw Plantation (Elias Ball)
33.1464446, -79.5517323, Wambaw Plantation (Theodore Gaillard)
33.20695 -79.46854, Wambaw Bridge
33.1415578 -79.5784011, Wambaw Swamp

Maps: [map notes]

  • 33.1259062,-79.6172597, Wambaw Plantation (Elias Ball)
  • ACME Mapper.
  • National Map
  • Google.
  • Confidence:
    0 (as site of camp)
    1 (as site of plantation)

  • 33.1464446,-79.5517323, Wambaw Plantation (Theodore Gaillard)
  • ACME Mapper.
  • National Map
  • Google.
  • Confidence:
    0 (as site of camp)
    1 (as site of plantation)

  • 33.1415578 -79.5784011, Wambaw Swamp
  • GNIS record for Wambaw Swamp. Note mapping options. The now-defunct Tiger Map server showed the swamp to be 7 or 8 miles long.
  • Confidence: 0 (as site of camp)
    5 (as site of swamp)

  • 33.20695,-79.46854, Wambaw Bridge
  • ACME Mapper.
  • National Map
  • Google.
  • Confidence:
    0 (as site of camp)
    5 (as site of bridge)


  • PJO: "Marion camped at a location he called "Wambaw" on 6-10 January 1781."

  • Cook 1773 map. This map calibrates (georeferences) fairly well in this area. Basis for site selection.


  • Mouzon 1775 map. Note proximity to Durant Plantation.


  • Mills 1820 Charleston District map. Wambaw Bridge is shown, and Tidyman's Plantation appears.


  • NBBAS:Four. p.31-34.

  • Thomas Broughton (Braughton) W897 pension statement, transcribed by Will Graves, describes the surprise of Marion's forces (in Marion's absence) by the British, 24 Feb 1782.

  • This site tells of "Wambaw" Elias Ball, a Loyalist, a colonel in the militia, with a plantation on Wambaw Creek. Found on Cook & Mouzon maps.

  • This site speaks of a Wambaw Plantation, owned by Loyalist Theodore Gaillard on Wambaw Creek, 6 miles from the Santee River. This is found on Cook & Mills maps. The plantation is shown here in a listing of plantations. This is a known plantation called Wambaw, with a known but approximate location. Basis for site location.

  • Sherman's Calendar....
    • p.84. "8 March. A mixed force of British light infantry, and possibly some cavalry, under Capt. Nash attempted to surprise attack the 3rd Light Dragoons at Wambaw (Bull’s plantation.))". [Note: Elias Ball's Plantation was near Strawberry ferry. No Bull Plantation was found nearby on the Mills or Cook maps.]
    • p.104. "5 May. [ambush] Wambaw’s Plantation (Berkeley County, S.C.) 1 officer and 17 privates out foraging and belonging to Tarleton’s light infantry (presumably the British Legion) were surprised and captured by Lieut. Col. Anthony White and 100-200 dragoons at Wambaw’s Plantation near Strawberry Ferry."
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  • Baxley, SCAR. Not found (through 9-2006).

  • RevWar75   listing 2/24/1782 Wambaw Creek Bridge (Strawberry Ferry). British victory.

Related sites: Durant Plantation, Elias Ball's Plantation, Tidyman's Plantation

Submitted by: Patrick O'Kelley. Location selected by John Robertson.

Confidence level:
0 (for campsite)
shown individually above for identified location