Wadboo Bridge.

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Skirmish, 31 January 1781, *Lt.Col. Peter Horry vs. Lt.Col.George Campbell
16 July 1781. Bridge burned by Col. Maham.

Where: 33.1957253 -79.9534136 (WGS84/NAD83).

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  • NBBAS:Three.
    P.64: 31 Jan - 1 Feb 1781, Capt. John Postelle captured or destroyed Brit. stores at Wadboo and Keithfield.
    P.289: 16 July 1781. Bridge burned by Col. Maham to prevent Rawdon from getting supplies from Charleston and hinder Coates movement to Charleston.

  • Sherman's Calendar....
    P.261-2. 30?-31 Jan 1781, Postell's raid on Wadboo and Monck's Corner.
    P.405. 15 Jul 1781. Col. Hezekiah Maham destroyed Wadboo Bridge.
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  • RevWar75  
  • Listing for Wadboo Bridge 24 Jan 1781
  • Listing for Wadboo Bridge 16 Jul 1781

  • William Dobien James, Life of Brig. Gen. Francis Marion. Search for watboo bridge. 3 results, all relevant.

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