Waccamaw River

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Capt. Clarke (captured) vs. *John Saunders, mid-Feb 1781

Where: 33.7761663 -79.062776 Waccamaw River

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  • Map of track 40 miles north of Georgetown up Waccamaw River:

    Waccamaw River

  • NBBAS:Three p.91
    Capt. Clarke (captured) vs. *John Saunders, mid-Feb 1781, 40 miles up Waccamaw River from Georgetown.
    Revlist post.

  • From 1820 Mills Horry District map. This location is approximately 6.5 miles s. of Conwayville, and approximately 40 miles upstream the Waccamaw River from Georgetown.


  • RevWar75 RevWar75  
  • Feb 1781 listing   2/1781 Waccamaw River. Draw. Per O'Kelley.

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