Vince's Fort.

Other names: Vince's Fort

Skirmish, 28 October 1781, Capt. Joseph Vince vs. Col. Hezikiah Williams
Skirmish, ?? October 1781, Capt. Josepth Vince vs. Loyalists

Where: 33.114401 -81.62758 Vince's Fort, Steel Creek (JCP)

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  • Barefoot (SC), p.117. Salkehatchie River on SC-64. "Vince's Fort once stood in this vicinity."

  • NBBAS:Three. P.371. "Steel Creek...located on the Three Runs, a branch of the Savannah." It was not possible to find a Steel Creek feeding into either of the the Three Runs (Upper or Lower). However, it was possible to find a Steel Creek feeding into the Savannah River, crossing SC-64 in the vicinity of Barnwell (as alluded to by Barefoot, above), and approximately 17.5 miles WSW of Barnwell (See Sherman, following).

  • Terry Lipscomb, Names in South Carolina, "South Carolina Revolutionary Battles, Part Ten", English Dept., Univ. of South Carolina. Vol.XXX, Winter 1983:
    One of the skirmishes in which James Young participated took place at a station on Steel Creek. Young was at the fort with a guard detail of fourteen men when it was attacked by a superior party of Tories. A small action occurred in which one Patriot was killed, and the Loyalists retired without attempting to storm the fort. The station on Steel Creek was apparently the same outpost known as Vince's Fort (NSC XXVI: 35). The site of this fort is in present-day Barnwell County, as are also the sites of Morris Ford and the Slaughter Field. Steel Creek is included within the boundaries of the Atomic Energy Commission's Savannah River Plant, and it is still periodically involved in skirmishes, although the Whigs and Tories have now been superseded by environmental groups and nuclear policy experts.6

    6 Pension Account of James Young, National Archives; "Lawsuit Seeks to Block Start-Up of L-Reactor," The State, Columbia, S.C., June 29, 1983. For a statement by Captain Joseph Vince mentioning his station on Steel Creek, see Audited Account of William Gambrell (2654), South Carolina Archives.

  • James Young, Pension application of James Young R11977
    ... That being then a resident of South Carolina he volunteered as a private in the militia of the said State in a company commanded by Captain Joseph Vince to serve during the war. ...
    ... That the principal duty assigned to the Regiment was to guard the passes of the Savannah River from Augusta to the city of Savannah, to keep the Tories in Carolina and Georgia in check, and to prevent the transportation of all arms and ammunition from Savannah to Augusta. ...
    ... That after this being with fourteen men on guard at the company's station at Steel Creek, they received notice of the approach of a party of Tories supposed to be an hundred strong, preparation was made for their reception and a few shots passed when the Tories retired one Whig was killed. ...
    ... When I entered the service I resided where I do now, and I now reside on Savannah River Barnwell District, South Carolina. ...

  • Sherman's Calendar.... Search for vince's mill. 5 returns, all relevant. Described as "just west of present day Barnwell."
    Vince's Fort (raid), 465
    Vince's Fort (skirmish, October 1781, separate from the action of 28 October of the same name), 456.
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  • RevWar75   listing
    10/28/1781 Vince's Fort. Insufficient data.
    10/1781 Vince's Fort (Steel Creek). Draw.

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