Tydiman Plantation.

Other names: Wambaw Creek Bridge, Strawberry Ferry

What: 25 February 1782, BG Marion vs. *Lt.Col. Thompson, skirmish

Where: 33.22529 -79.472410 Tydiman's Plantation

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  • Tydiman does not appear on Cook's 1773 map. From the 1820 Mills Charleston District map:


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    Marion received the news that his brigade had been defeated, while he was still thirty miles away at Mepkin plantation. He immediately set out for the Santee with Maham's cavalry regiment. These dragoons were under the command of Captain John Carraway Smith, Maham himself being absent when the news arrived. On February 25, Marion halted at Tidyman's plantation, not far from where the fighting had taken place on the previous day. Only half an hour later, the British under Thompson unexpectedly made their appearance again. Although each army was somewhat startled at encountering the other, both sides rapidly formed for battle and charged. By some mishap, the troops of Maham's Legion failed to understand their orders, and instead of executing a proper charge, they moved off into the woods on their right. The result was another American defeat, in which twenty of Marion's soldiers were killed and twelve made prisoners. The British also captured the officers' baggage, a number of fine horses, Marion's tent, and some canteens filled with rum. Many of the Patriots were forced to escape by swimming the river, and some of them drowned in the attempt, including Lieutenant John Smiser. In the subsequent controversy over the conduct of Maham's corps, John Carraway Smith resigned his commission,17

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  • Feb 1782 listing. Tydiman's Plantation. 25 Feb 1782.

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