Tybee Island.

What: Raid, 25 Mar 1776, *Archibald Bullock & Creek vs. unarmed British marine landing party & British ships

Where: 32.0154922 -80.8612217

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  • NBBAS:One, p.96-97.

    Tybee Island, Georgia , 25 March 1776

    A raiding party of Creek Indians and Georgia militia, who were painted like Indians, attacked twelve British Marines on Tybee Island. The painted warriors were under the command of Archibald Bullock and Jonathan Bryan. The Marines had been sent to the island with twelve slaves to cut wood and get water, and were not armed.

    The Americans struck quickly, killing one, wounding two and capturing one of the Marines and the slaves. The Georgians scalped three of the Marines and also broke their "legs and thighs with a hatchet and showing other signs of the most savage barbarity, in which it is said the white people exceeded the ferocity of the Indians."

    The Royal Navy ships near the island fired three broadsides at the Georgians and then sent a landing party on shore. The Georgians kept up constant rifle fire forcing the relief party to move out of range. The relief party burned two houses on the island. Shortly after this all but two of the British vessels left the Savannah River.

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  • RevWar75 RevWar75   listing 3/25/1776 Tybee Island. HM Sloop Tamar. Shown as American victory.

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