Turtle Bay

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11 (or 12) June 1775, unk. cdr. under Gen. Wooster, RI captured British stores at Turkey Bay.

Where: 40.75113, -73.96550 Turtle Bay

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  • Bob Marshall, Facebook "Revolutionary War Sites":
    235 years ago today - June 11. 1775 A band of men from General Wooster's Connecticut troops raid the Turtle Bay warehouses and magazine, making off with shot, cannon balls, horse harnesses, and other needed supplies.

  • Benson John Lossing The Pictorial Field-book of the Revolution, Harper & brothers, 1860
    ... somewhat purged of its Toryism by intelligence from the East, invited General Wooster then in command of eighteen hundred Connecticut militia at Greenwich, to come to the defense of New York. He encamped at Harlema for several weeks, sent detachments to beat off marauders, who were carrying away the cattle of Long Island to the British army in Boston, and by his presence made the New York patriots bold and active. At midnight they captured British stores at Turtle Bay 3, and sent part in the grand army at Boston and a part to the troops then collecting on Lake Champlain to invade Canada ; they also seized a tender, with stores, belonging to the Asia, and took possession of provisions and clothing deposited at Greenwich1 by the government.

    3 Turtle Bay is a small rock-bound cove of the East River, at the foot of Forty-seventh Street [Basis for location] . The banks are high and precipitous, and afforded a safe retreat for small vessels. Here the government had made a magazine of military stores, and these the Sons of Liberty determined to seize. Under the direction of Lamb, Sears, Willett, and M'Dougal, a party procured a sloop at Greenwich, came stealthily through the dangerous vortex of Hell Gate at twilight, and at midnight surprised and caplured the guard, and secured the stores. The old store-house in which they were deposited is yet standing upon a wharf on the southern side of the little bay. The above view is from the bank at the foot of Forty-sixth Street. Beyond the rocky point on the north side of the bay is seen the lower end of Blackwell's Island, with the shore of Long Island in the distance. On the left of the old store-house, delineated in the annexed sketch, is seen the bridge across the mouth of Newtown Creek, a locality which will be mentioned presently in connection with a notice of the landing of troops under Sir Henry Clinton.

  • The Journals of Each Provincial Congress of Massachusetts in 1774 and 1775, Massachusetts Provincial Congress, Boston, 1838.
    A copy of a letter from the president of the New York Congress to Major General Wooster, at Greenwich, forwarded to head quarters at Cambridge, was read, and committed to the committee just now appointed to consider some methods for regulating the army immediately. (I) The letter of the New York Congress was forwarded by Gov. Trumbull, with the communications which follow: " LEBANON, June 19, 1775, A. M., 7 o'clock. " SIR :—Inclosed are copies of notes taken by the Provincial Congress at New York, of the intelligence bronght by Capt. Thompson, of the embarkation or four regiments from Ireland for New York, in consequence whereof Major General Wooster is requested by that Congress to march immediately within five miles of the city; and the latter informs me, that Capt. Sears informed him, that the people of New York intend to quarter our troops in the city. The military stores, which were at Turtle Bay, have fallen into the hands of General Wooster, consisting of too maoy articles to be enumerated ; among wliich are, about five bundred good horse harnesses, a very considerable number of 13 and 10 inch carcasses, [shells and pots,] all well charged, a very great plenty of grape shot, cannon balls from 24 pounders down to 3, &c., &c."

  • RevWar75 RevWar75  
    6/12/1775 Turtle Bay. Shown as American land victory. Ref: Clark, William B.; editor. Naval Documents of the American Revolution, Vol.1, p.688..

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