Tugaloo River.

What: Skirmish, Col. Robert Anderson vs. Cherokee, July 1781

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Where: 34.67074 -83.31735, Tugaloo River

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  • 34.67074,-83.31735, Tugaloo River
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    • Cherokee Prayer Inititive, Map Site Guide:
      #39 Tugaloo:
      1751- Destroyed by Creeks
      1763- Saluy was Chief of this town and Old Estatoe
      8/8/1776- Destroyed by Williamson's men

    • Map showing approximate location of Tugaloo town (#39)

    • Other sources show Tugoloo town located in 2 additonal locations.

    • Tugloo River is approximately 30 mi. long, extending from Lake Hartwell near Anderson to the western tip of SC. At least 5 Cherokee towns (including Tugaloo) have been identified as being from Tugaloo to northern end of the river, and this incident may have occurred at any of them. The village named was destroyed by Williamson in 1776.

    • A site has been arbitrarily selected on the upper Tugaloo River, where the skirmish likely occurred. The northern end of the river was still Cherokee territory as late as 1790.

    • NBBAS:Three. p.300.
      Tugaloo River, South Carolina
      July 1781

      Three companies under the command of Colonel Robert Anderson marched against the Cherokees on the Tugaloo River. While marching through the country they took "one white man prisoner". They were not strong enough to attack the Cherokee town, so they destroyed what they could, and then returned. William Morrow was with the expedition and he wrote that they "accomplished very little."

    • Sherman, "Calendar...". p.395. Ref. to above. To avoid long downloads, use option to "Save and view this PDF in Reader".

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