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Where: 38.575 -74.218 Trumbell/Iris

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  • 38.575 -74.218 Trumbell/Iris
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    Archive Allen, Gardner Weld, A Naval History of the American Revolution, Vol.II. Boston and New York: Houghton Mifflin Company, The Riverside Press Cambridge, 1913. Scanned by Google. Ocr'd to make full-text searchable by JR. P.557
    Also, here.
    The same day three sail were d b covered to the eastward, two of which gave chase to the convoy. Night came on rainy and squally and the Trumbd carried away her forstopmaat and main-topgallantmast. She was obliged to run before the wind and the rest of the fleet left her. Captain Nicholson reported : The wreck of the topmast with the yard and rigging laying aback of the foresail and over the bows, the topsail yard arm came through the foresail and on the forecastle, so that with our utmost exertion we could not clear ourselves of the wreck until one of the ships m e alongside and the other in sight. Immediately all hands were called to quarters ; instead of coming, three quarters of them ran below, put out the lights, matches, &c. With the remainder and a few brave officers we commenced an action with the Iris for one hour and thirty-five minutes, at the end of which the other ship came up and fired into us. Seeing no prospect of escaping in this unequal contest, I struck, having my first and third lieuts. and Capt. Murray, a volunteer, with eight others wounded and 5 killed. My crew consisted of 180 men, 45 of whom were taken out of the new goal - prisoners of war ; they through treachery and others from cowardice betrayed me, or at least prevented my making the resistance I would have done.

  • RevWar75 RevWar75  
    August 1781
    8/8/1781 Engagement Continental Frigate Trumbull-HMS Iris

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