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Dec 1780 Sevier burned

Where: 35.564234,-84.191093 Toquo

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    Vicki Rozema, Footsteps of the Cherokee, 2nd Edition, Winston-Salem: John F. Blair, 2007, p.25
    In December 1780, Sevier and three hundred Wataugans called "the Overmountain Men" engaged the Cherokees at Boyd's Creek. Two weeks later, Sevier's forces proceeded to the Cherokee capital town of Chota and burned it. The Wataugans then destroyed the other principal towns in the Overhill territory: Tellico, Citico, Chilhowee, Hiwassee, Chistowee, Toqua, and many more. Nancy Ward and her family were taken prisoner and placed under the protection of Joseph Martin, who was living at Long Island on the Holston Rivera

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    Oct 1776 listing 10/1776 Tuskeegee and Overhill Towns. CPI & Boatner are refs.
    No listings for Tennessee, 1780.

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