Three Sisters Ferry.

What: Ferry, skirmish, *MG Anthony Wayne vs. Chief Emisitsiguo, 23 June 1782

Other names: Sisters Ferry, Two Sisters Ferry

Where: 32.5143493 -81.2323276, Two Sisters Ferry

Maps: [map notes]


  • The location provided for the action described as Three Sisters Ferry is that of Two Sisters Ferry. Two Sisters Ferry appears on several period maps, but Three Sisters Ferry has yet to be found on such a map.

  • In later years, there appears to have been another ferry, about 2 miles downstream from the historic Two Sisters Ferry and known by the name Sisters Ferry. This ferry appears to have been much used during the American Civil War.

  • So far, no period or modern map has been found showing Three Sisters (or Sisters) Ferry. However, maps from 1780 and 1820 have been found showing the location of Two Sisters Ferry. This leaves the 1782 location of the ferry in doubt.

  • Elliott, Daniel T. , Ebenezer Revolutionary War Headquarters: A Quest to Locate and Preserve, LAMAR Institute Publication Series, Report Number 73, The LAMAR Institute, Inc. Box Springs, Georgia, 2003. A Search for sisters ferry yields 7 returns, 5 for Two Sisters Ferry and 2 for Sisters Ferry. All mentions of Sisters Ferry appear to be a shortened form of Two Sisters Ferry. A search for two sisters yields 29 returns, all relevant. A search for three sisters yields no returns. There is no mention of another ferry within 2 miles of Two Sisters Ferry. It is also apparent in this study that the name Two Sisters was also used for the locale of the ferry. This treatment in a thoroughly researched study of the area by professional archaeologists makes it highly doubtful that a separate "Three Sisters Ferry" or "Sisters Ferry" existed during the Revolutionary War. It is apparent that at some later period, especially during the American Civil War that a ferry by some such name existed 2 miles downstream from the Rev. War Two Sisters Ferry.
  • Sisters Ferry (not shown on the 1820 Mills map) was a short distance (0.8 mile) downstream from location of Dupies Ferry, and 2 miles downstream from location of Two Sisters Ferry both of which are shown on the 1820 Mills map.

  • Bartram's mention of Three Sisters Ferry.. This appears consistent with the GNIS location of Sister's Ferry, however the description is a modern one and not by Bartram.

  • A Google search for sisters ferry gives numerous returns for the Civil War period, with an occasional one for the Rev.War period.

  • Mention of Anthony Wayne entering GA via Sister's Ferry.

  • Nell's Colored Patriots of the Revolution mentions Sister's Ferry.

  • This RevWar pension statement mentions Sisters Ferry and Two Sisters Ferry in the same account. He also mentions Black Swamp, Turkey Hill, etc.

  • NBBAS:Four p.76-78.
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  • Sherman, "Calendar..." Nothing found for Three Sisters. To avoid long downloads, use option to "Save and view this PDF in Reader".

  • RevWar75 RevWar75   listing. 6/23/1782 Ebenezer (Three Sisters), American victory. Per Heitman, O'Kelley.

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