Tarrar Springs.

What: Skirmish, 16 Nov 1781, Capt. Stirling Turner & Capt. James Baker vs. Col. Williams

Where: 33.977035, -81.211344, Tarrar Springs

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  • CBB: "8111xx SC Tarrar's Spring - behind Lexington County SD #1 offices in Lexington SC"

  • JP: 33.97705 -81.21124, Standing next to the spring outlet, based on tour given by Dean Hunt and Leo Redmond. Basis of site location.

  • From "Revolutionary War Time Line, Southern Campaign" by Charles Baxley:
    "16 November 1781 Tarrar's Spring Patriot Capt. James Butler surprised Tory foragers"

  • JAR: unpublished cd, 2001: Tarrar's Spring: lat = 33.981384, lon = -81.218955

  • NBBAS:Three, p.389.
    Tarrar’s Spring, South Carolina
    "The Bloody Scout"
    16 November 1781

    Captain Stirling Turner continued to pursue Colonel Williams and the "Bloody Scout". With Turner was Captain James Butler, who had recently been released from captivity in Charlestown.

    Turner chased the Loyalists to Tarrar’s Spring. An exchange of shots occurred at the spring, but soon ended when both sides decided to negotiate. Turner’s militia agreed to let the Loyalists leave the area unharmed if they return the cattle they had stolen. Williams agreed to this and quickly departed the area.

  • Southern Campaigns of the American Revolution n/l. Not found.

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  • RevWar75 RevWar75   listing 11/16/1781 Tarrar's Spring. Insufficient data.

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