Sugar Town

Other names:
Kulsetsiyi, Kulsage

8/2 - 10/1776 Lower Cherokee Settlements (Sugar Town, Soconee, Jocasee, Keowee, Estatoe)
Destroyed by Captain Tutt's men, under Williamson's command between 8/4/1776 and 8/8/1776.

Where: 34.8908 -82.90941 Sugar Town

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  • Seaborn map 1974: While this map is quite useful, it is not improbable that the cartographer intentionally introduced a "fudge factor" that resulted in her showing the approximate location but intentionally not showing the actual location as accurately as possible. This is what is implied with the confidence level of **.

    Sugar Town

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  • Letter from John Laurens to James Laurens, South Carolina Historical Magazine, 1908, South Carolina Historical Society, p.51-52
    The Indians and particularly the Cherokees had amus'd us by Talks— but suddenly the treacherous Devils headed by White Men and push'd on by Ministerial Agents made an Inroad upon our Settlements burn'd several Houses and Murder'd about Sixty Persons chiefly Women and Children. Collo Andrew Williamson in South, Brigadier Rutherford in North Carolina and a large Command in Virginia marche'd against the Savages, we are not inform'd what Rutherford and the Virginians have done—Coll". Williamson has driven back the Indians of the lower Townes, kill'd as many as could be come at, and has taken among prisoners no less than 15 White men— he has destroyed Senneca, Warachy, Estatohee, Keowee and Sugar Town ; at the Entrance of Senecca, Collo Williamson suffer'd from an Ambuscade, his Horse was kill'd under him by two Shot. Mr Salvador whose Death is universally regretted was kill'd by his side, eight Men wounded, two of whom soon died. He nevertheless rallied his Troops attak'd the Savages, and beat them out of their Town, a Town 4 Miles long, after destroying which, he proceeded on his March— The Insurrections of the back Country have been happily quiel'd, hundreds of prisoners instructed in the nature of the Dispute with the Mother Country— converted and sent home— ...

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    8/2 - 10/1776 Lower Cherokee Settlements (Sugar Town, Soconee, Jocasee, Keowee, Estatoe)

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Jocasse, Soconee, Keowee, Estatoe

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