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Saint Vincent.

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12-28 Dec 1778, French capture Saint Vincent. *Adm. D'Estaing and Caribs vs. Lt. Col. George Etherington of the 60th or, Royal American" Regiment
1781, British fail in attempt to recapture St. Vincent

13.2446 -61.1823, St. Vincent

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  • 13.2446 -61.1823, St. Vincent
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  • A Vindication of my Conduct. Trial of Col. Edgerton for surrendering St Vincent to the French.

  • "SVG303 Slavery Chronology "1779 St. Vincent is surrendered to the French by Lt. Col. George Etherington under orders of Gov. Valentine Morris. Caribs are allied with the French."

  • "War with France & Spain 1778-1783". "1779 June 16 St Vincent (surrendered to French)"

  • "General Honourable John Vaughan", "Biographies of Crown Forces Generals Commanding Troop Units": "1781: Led unsuccessful attack on St. Vincent."

  • "Letters of Delegates to Congress: Volume 13 June 1, 1779 - September 30, 1779 William Whipple to Josiah Bartlett": "Admiral Byron being inform[ed] of the Capture of St Vincents on his arrival at St Lucia in the Evening of the 30th sail'd the 1st of July in the morning with 18 ships of the line & 3 Frigates in order to retake it being then ignorant of the Expedition against Granada. He appeard before St Vincent & demanded a surrender but a deputation of the principal inhabitants informing him of the Resolution of the Caribs to carry devastation through the Island if an attack should be made & beseeching him to leave them to their destiny, & at the same time he being inform'd of the critical scituation of Granada abandon'd his project & directed his Course for that Island, which it is not improbable might have surrendered before his arrival as the french fleet had four days start of him."

  • "The Life and Revolutionary War Experiences of Ezekiel Jacobs (1755-1834)": Footnote 14: "Sir John Vaughan - Promoted to Major General in America on January 1, 1776; Charleston Expedition June 1776; Commanded the grenadiers at the Battle of Long Island; wounded at White Plains, NY October 1776; Returned to England winter 1776-77; Promoted to Major General on August 29, 1777; Led assault on Fort Montgomery on October 6, 1777; Commanded troops on raid up the Hudson, burning Kingston October 12-24, 1777; Captured Verplanck's Point on June 1, 1779; Returned to England winter of 1779; Named Commander of the Leeward Islands December 1779; Led unsuccessful attack on St. Vincent 1781; Captured St. Eustatius on February 3, 1782."

  • Francis Downman, The Services of Lieut.-Colonel Francis Downman ..., Published 1898 Printed at the royal artillery institution. Pp. 116 ff. Contemporary account.

  • Sydney George Fisher, The Struggle for American Independence, Published 1908 J. B. Lippincott company. P. 246.

  • Thomas Southey, Chronological History of the West Indies, Published 1827 Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green. P.440 ff.

  • Boatner: 1186.

  • Piers Mackesy, War for America, Published 1993, U of Nebraska Press, p.273, 330.

  • "Battles of the Atlantic (and other parts of the world) and the War for Independence", National Society Sons of the American Revolution.
    " 6/16/1779 St. Vincent West Indies Land". Shown as French victory.

  • "Table Summary of Movements of French Naval Fleets During the War for American Independence"". Useful site, also shows arrivals and departures.
    Capture of St. Vincent. 1779 D'Estaing

  • "West Indies Score Card":
    "ST. VINCENT, captured by French 19 Jun 1779"

  • "West Indies and Gulf Coast campaigns", Wikipedia:
    "France enters the war, 17781779

    On January 6, 1779, Admiral Byron reached the West Indies. During the early part of the year, the naval forces in the West Indies were mainly employed in watching one another. But in June, while Byron had gone to Antigua to guard the trade convoy on its way home, d'Estaing first captured St Vincent, and on July 4, he captured Grenada. Admiral Byron, who had returned, sailed in hopes of saving the island but arrived too late. An indecisive action was fought off Grenada on the July 6, 1779. Afterwards, the war died down in the West Indies. Byron returned home in August. D'Estaing, after co-operating unsuccessfully with the Americans in an attack on Savannah, also returned to Europe."

  • "Travel by Seas":
    "... in the Caribbean, where prevailing winds are from the southeast the entire year."
    Estimated travel times in days (similar to mileage charts on a road map) is interesting.

  • "Lesser Antilles vs Greater Antilles / Windward Islands vs Leeward Islands - Confused Yet?", Caribbean Magazine:
    "The terms "leeward" and "windward" are used in reference to islands in an archipelago and to the different sides of a single island. In the latter case, the windward side is that side of an island subject to the prevailing wind. The leeward side is protected by the elevation of the island from the prevailing wind, and is typically drier and less windy. Thus, leeward and windward are not only important in terms of location in the island chain but also important weather and climate terms.

    The prevailing winds in the Caribbean blow from south to north. In the case of an archipelago - or a group of islands, "windward islands" are the islands facing the oncoming wind. In the case of the Caribbean the "southern" islands get hit with the wind first..."

  • Modern map of St. Vincent.

  • University of Alabama, Historical Map Archive:
    Bowen, Thomas, Map of the Island of St. Vincent Publ: [London: J. Stockdale Piccadilly, 1794].
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  • Snippet from Thomas Jefferys, Composite: West Indies, 1775, image 4723024 from David Rumsey Historical Map Collection at

    St. Vincent:

    St. Vincent

  • CIA map: Central America and the Caribbean. Will zoom or drag as needed.

  • Saint Vincent and the Grenadines,

  • RevWar75  
    listing. 6/16/1779 St. Vincent. French victory.

    Related sites: Grenada

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