Strawberry Ferry.

What: Skirmishes, *Lt. Col. Wade Hampton vs. British sloops, 16 July 1781

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Where: 33.0921153 -79.9442486, Strawberry Ferry

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  • Mills 1820 Charleston map.


  • PJO: " I saw the Strawberry Ferry on your site, listed as being near Durant's Plantation. There is another. This is one that Wade Hampton hit during his raid. The Strawberry Ferry is on the Mills Map. This is on 288-289 of Volume Three:
    Strawberry Ferry, South Carolina, 16 July 1781, 'Raid of the Dog Days'

  • NBBAS:Three. p.288-289
    Strawberry Ferry, South Carolina
    16 July 1781
    "Raid of the Dog Days"

    The day after the raid on the Quarter House Wade Hampton stopped at a womanís house who told him "that 2 sloops had landed a small distance up the river, with British soldiers and they were in the cornfield getting roasting corn and beans."

    Hampton immediately rode on to the river bank, where he had half of his men dismount and "run into the vessels". They only found one British soldier on the sloops, who aimed his musket at them. It misfired, snapping several times, before Hamptonís men cut him down.

    Hamptonís men then searched the fields around and took 30 prisoners. They parolled the British soldiers and burned the two sloops, that was loaded with indigo. Hampton then rode on and joined up with Sumter. The entire city of Charlestown was thrown into confusion due to the week long raid of Hampton.

  • CBB: " Strawberry Ferry is where some of Tarleton's men were captured, thus sending Tarleton to attack Col. Anthony Walton White at Lenud's Ferry. Some of the Continentals that had escaped Tarleton's victory at Monck's Corner / Biggin Bridge reformed along the Santee River under the command of Continental cavalry commander, Col. Anthony White, and on May 5, 1780, they captured eighteen men from Lt. Col. Banastre Tarleton's command at Elias Ball's plantation (probably Comingtee). Comingtee is just south of Childsbury. There is an extant pre-revolutionary chapel of ease there called Strawberry Chapel. The east terminious of Strawberry Ferry is located at Childsbury at the railroad bridge, just downstream of modern Mepkin Abbey, Henry Laurens' Plantation on the Cooper River. President, Gov. Henry Laurens' grave is at Mepkin."

  • Sherman, "Calendar...". Not found. To avoid long downloads, use option to "Save and view this PDF in Reader".

  • RevWar75 RevWar75   listing. 7/15/1781, Strawberry Ferry. American victory.

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