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Saint Kitts.

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Siege, 11 Jan 1782 - 12 Feb 1782, *Marquis de Bouille vs. Gen. Fraser
Naval battle, 25-26 Jan 1782, Adm. De Grasse vs. *Adm. Samuel Hood

17.34764, -62.83565, Brimstone Fortress
17.2779, -62.6880, Frigate Bay

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  • 17.34764, -62.83565, Brimstone Fortress
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  • 17.2779, -62.6880, Frigate Bay
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  • Who was the British commander who surrendered St. Kitts 12 Feb 1782? RevList messages:
    • John Robertson, 92140. Question asked.
    • Chris Woolf, 92146 Col. Thomas Fraser, 1st/1st
      "Fortesue (Vol.III History of the British Army) identifies him as one General Fraser. ... it would more likely be Thomas Fraser who held the regimental rank of Lt-Col of the 1st/1st at this time. He was ranked as a Colonel in the Army from 17th Nov 1780, and so may have held local rank as Brigadier- or Major- General. ... "The British garrison consisting of about 700 men of the 1st and 15th Foot under General Fraser, thereupon retired to Brimstone Hill." (Fortescue.414 ff) ...This was the 1st Battn of the 1st or Royal Regiment, and a portion of the 15th. A detachment of the 15th had been taken just a few weeks before by the French in their re-capture of St-Eustatius on Nov 26th 1781), together with the 13th and minor other detachments."
    • Steven Baule, 92147 2/1st, not 1/1st
    • Chris Woolf, 92149 1st/1st
    • Todd Braisted, 92152 1st/1st
    • Chris Woolf, 92157

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  • Archive Brimstone Hill.

  • Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park.

  • Brimstone Hill Fortress, the Gibralta of the West Indies.

  • Battle of St. Kitts, or Battle of Frigate Bay, 25 and 26 January 1782.

  • Snippets from Thomas Jefferys, St. Christophers, or Saint Kitts, 1775, image 472302 from David Rumsey Historical Map Collection at

    Frigate Bay

    Frigate Bay

    Brimstone Hill

    Brimstone Hill

  • Samuel Hood

  • Archive His Majesty's Fifth Regiment of Foot, St. Kitts, West Indies: January 11-February 12, 1782, captured by the French.

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  • RevWar75 RevWar75
    listing 1/11 - 2/12/1782 St. Kitts. French victory.
    Naval battle, 25-26 Jan 1782. Not found.

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