Saint Andrews Church/Creek

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Unk. American cdr. vs. Col. Webster, 15 Mar 1780
Unk. American cdr. vs. Capt. Ewald, 22 Mar 1780

32.837943 -80.04916 Saint Andrews Parish Church
32.83637 -80.047812 "Saint Andrews" Creek

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  • From Mills 1820 Charleston District map:

    St. Andrews

  • GNIS lists no St. Andrews Creek and no Church Creek in the vicinity of St. Andrews Church (although one can be seen on the topo map). The location arbitrarily chosen for the bridge is on the Church Creek shown adjacent to St. Andrews Church.

  • It can be noted that in 1820 St. Andrew's Church was on the N side of Church Creek and on the E side of the road.

  • NBBAS:Two p.126-127

  • Sherman's Calendar....
    15 March. [skirmish] St. Andrew’s Church (Charleston County, S.C.) Ewald: "At daybreak Major Dundas and five hundred men of the light infantry were sent forward into the vicinity of St. Andrew’s Church to forage the plantations which are situated on the right bank of St. Andrew’s Creek. At the same time, Colonel Webster advanced with the jagers and the 33d Regiment of Lowndes plantation to cover Major Dundas’s left, and to forage there and divide the enemy forces. The Americans had demolished the bridge near the church and posted a number of riflemen along the creek, with whom the jagers skirmished from our side of the bank up to the end of the foraging."283
    22 March. [skirmish] St. Andrew’s Church (Charleston County, S.C.)291

    283 EHJ p. 209.
    291 EHJ p. 211.
    [EHJ ~ (Johann Ewald) Diary of the American War (Joseph P. Tustin, editor and translator.)]

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  • RevWar75 RevWar75  
  • Mar 1780 listing  
    3/15/1780, St. Andrew's Church. Draw. Per O'Kelley.
    3/22/1780 St. Andrew's Creek. Draw. Per ?

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