Murder of Solomon Freer

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Murder, Solomon Freer vs. *John Freer, unk. date

Where: 32.67505 -80.050224 Murder of Solomon Freer

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  • Ms. Elizabeth H. Stringfellow, John's Island Historian, story related to John Parker by phone 11/19/07,
    Solomon Freer was sympathetic to the Patriot cause and John Freer was a staunch Tory. John told Solomon that if Solomonís son went to join Francis Marion, that he would kill Solomon. Since Solomon could not fight with Marion, he sent his son so that he would not be turned to the Loyalist cause by his brother. Late one night, Solomon saddled a horse for his son and sent him to join Marion. Three days later, John killed his brother, Solomon.

    It also seems that the son of Solomon may have been the result of an affair with Johnís wife. This gave John and additional motive to kill his brother, using the Revolution as an excuse. The murder happened very close to the intersection of Edenvale and River Roads on Johnís Island.

    ... also on Betty Stringfellow's CD The American Revolution, "Johns Island, Kiawah & Seabrook Islands, South Carolina - A lecture on the actions and troop movements on these islands.

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