Robert Smallwood's grave.

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Grave, Robert Sevier

Where: 38.54965 -77.18754, Robert Smallwood's Grave, Wm. Smallwood State Park MD
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  • Smallwood, William (1732-1792)
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      • Political Graveyard (search for "1792") shows that Smallwood was buried in "a private or family graveyard, Charles County, Md.", no specifics or location given.
      • AmMem The Chronicles of Baltimore, 1874, page 265, says that Smallwood "died on the 12th of February, 1792, at the "Wood-Yard," in Prince George's County"
      • Maryland Archives, Volume 182, Page 627 says: "Died at Mattawoman, February 14, 1792. Buried at Smallwood's Retreat, Charles County."
      • RW The History of Durham Parish, written 1894, page 17 (search for "1702") says that Smallwood was buried a few rods from his front door. His grave was described as neglected at the time and funds were being sought to give it an appropriate monument.
      • DNR-MD "Smallwood Retreat" was his home at the time of his death, but was sold afterward to pay his debts. The statement is made, "Smallwood State Park was dedicated in September 1958, as a historic park. At the time, the park consisted of 30 acres of land which included the Retreat House and the grave site of General William Smallwood." No grave is shown on the park map.

    • The topo map, above, shows "Gov. Smallwood's House". His grave has been given as "a few rods from his front door", but is not shown on map.

    • On-site gps mark is needed.

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