Delegal's point, Skidaway Island

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Skirmish, Lt.Col. James Jackson vs. *British marines and several armed vessels, 25 July 1782

31.89188 -81.05441 Delegal's (modern Adams) Point, Skidaway Island

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  • 31.89188,-81.05441 Delegal's (modern Adams) Point
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  • 31.9488268 -81.0309431 Skidaway Island
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  • Gordon B. Smith, "The British Evacuate Savannah Georgia", Georgia Society Sons of the American Revolution:
    The last battle of the Revolution in Georgia took place on July 25, 1782 between LTC James Jackson's Georgia Legion and British Marines and others at COL Philip Delegal's Plantation at the southeast point of Skidaway Island (2)

    (2) This location, once the plantation of Philip Delegal, became the conjunction of the Big Ferry Road along the western side of Skidaway Island and the Footpath Road along the eastern shore of Skidaway. The site is now known as Adam's Point, and features a golf course fronted by luxury homes facing out on Ossabaw Sound.

  • James Jackson, from article "The British Evacuate Savannah Georgia", Georgia Society Sons of the American Revolution:
    The last skirmish in Georgia between the Troops of the two nations was on Delegal's point in Skiddaway Island, where Col. Jackson had taken post by order of Genl. Wayne with a few militia, who were compelled to retreat after taking an armed Boat with her crew from the superior numbers of the enemy, supported by two armed Gallies & several large armed vessels, who destroyed the buildings on Delegal's plantation on the 25th July 1782.

  • NBBAS:Four p.80-81.
    Skidaway Island, Georgia
    25 July 1782

    When Anthony Wayne marched into Savannah he appointed Lieutenant Colonel Jackson to “receive the keys of Savannah from a committee of British officers.” A few days afterward Colonel Posey with the main body of the Continentals marched to join General Greene in South Carolina. Wayne soon followed with the remainder of his army.

    The last recorded action in Georgia happened a few weeks later on Skidaway Island. Jackson and his Georgia Legion had a small skirmish with some British Marines. (Skidaway Island is located beside the city of Savannah).

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