Sharon Plantation GA.

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What: British officer & Creek Indians vs. Anthony Wayne, 24 May 1782

Where: 32.09044 -81.17035

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  • NBBAS:Four. P.72.

  • David McKissack, "Colonel Thomas Posey and the Last (Virginia) Battalion", SCAR n/l Vol.4, No.4-5-6, p.43. "Wayne's camp at Sharon was northwest of Savannah."

  • Hugh Harrington, “The Enemy are Hounded”. SCAR n/l, Vol.3., No.4, p34. "However, Greene may have been referring to the action of the night of June 23, 1782. Emistisiguo, Upper Creek chief and faithful friend of the notorious Tory provincial Col. Thomas Brown, attacked Wayne’s main force encamped at Mrs. Gibbons’ plantation, also known as “Sharon,” at about 3 am. Almost instantly the Indians were in the camp driving out the Americans. Wayne’s horse was shot from under him. Wayne formed his infantry and led a bayonet charge waving his sword and shouting “death or victory”. Emistisiguo along with several of his men was killed. Twelve prisoners were taken who were later executed.44 A delegation of Savannah merchants came out under a flag of truce to talk with Wayne on July 1st. The formal surrender took place on July 11th."

  • "Edward Telfair (1735-1807)", New Georgia Encyclopedia. "Telfair died on September 17, 1807, at his Savannah townhouse. His body was taken to Savannah's Colonial Cemetery, where a religious service was held and military honors were performed. He was buried in the family vault at his Sharon plantation near Savannah. In the year of Telfair's death, Telfair County was created and named in his honor. Years later, his remains would be removed to Bonaventure Cemetery in Savannah, where in 1860 his surviving daughters erected a memorial to their father's memory."

  • Sherman's Calendar.... Too late for this work.

  • RevWar75 RevWar75   listing 5/24/1782 near Sharon. Shown as draw.

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