Robert Sevier's grave.

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Grave, Robert Sevier

Where: 35.93008 -81.99641, Robert Sevier's Grave, Bright cemetery.
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  • Sevier, Robert (1749-1780)

  • Robert Sevier is the brother of John Sevier. He was wounded at Kings Mountain and British doctor (Uzal Johnson?) advised against his attempting to return home before the bullet could be extracted. Possibly fearing retaliation by Loyalists, Sevier, accompanied by Lt. William Robertson attempted the trip home. He died enroute and was buried at the Bright family cemetery. The Bright's ironically were Loyalists, but may have helped care for Sevier.

  • The Overmountain Victory Trail Association, in its annual commemorative reenactment march, fires a volley over Sevier's grave. (September 29th?)

  • The site is off of US-19E, about 5 miles east of Spruce Pine and approximately 1.5 miles off the highway. It can be accessed via the Unimen plant entrance, requiring sign-in at plant gate. The cemetery is maintained and is marked with NPS markers. The coordinates are from an on-site GPS mark taken 2 weeks after 9-11.

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