Seven Creeks.

Other names: Three Bridges

What: Skirmish, Joseph Graham vs. Col. Micajah Ganey, 16 Nov 1781

34.0479487 -78.6361252, Seven Creeks, bridge
32.7810096, -80.6381603, Seven Creeks, pop. place
34.0235045 -78.6166804, Seven Creeks, stream mouth

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  • NBBAS:Three p.388-389
    Seven Creeks, North Carolina
    Wilmington Campaign
    16 November 1781

    General Rutherford ordered Joseph Graham forward to reconnoiter the defenses around Wilmington. Around midnight Graham and his dragoons were patrolling at a place called Seven Creeks, near the South Carolina border. Colonel Micajah Ganey detected Grahamís men and ambushed them. Graham immediately charged into the ambush, killing one of Ganeyís men and wounding two others. Lieutenant Clarke of Grahamís force was killed, along with several horses.

    Graham later wrote that Colonel Ganey was under truce with General Marion at the time, "but it appears he did not consider it binding in North Carolina." The next morning Colonel Henry Lee arrived and told Rutherford of the surrender of Cornwallis in Yorktown.

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  • Nov 1781 listing 11/16/1781 Seven Creeks. Shown as draw.

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