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Capture, *Commodore Gillon, South Carolina et al vs. Jamaica convoy, 7 Jan 1782
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22.5000 -78.0000 *Commodore Gillon, South Carolina et al vs. Jamaica convoy, 7 Jan 1782

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  • NBBAS:Four, p.26.
    Atlantic Ocean, the Bahama Channel
    7 January 1782

    After determining that Charlestown was still under British control Commodore Alexander Gillon convened a council of his officers to decide where to go to next. The council decided to sail to Havana. The frigate South Carolina sailed towards Abaco and spotted a small fleet of five ships heading up the Bahama Channel. This was a convoy going from Jamaica to Europe loaded with sugar and lumber.

    Gillon coerced the closest four brigantines to heave to and be boarded. Three of these ships were privateers and were armed but they were no match for the heavily armed frigate. The fifth ship, the Nelly, did not follow the example of the others and avoided the frigate. Gillon sent a jolly boat with Lieutenant John Mayrant and 24 marines disguised in British uniforms to demand permission to board. The captain of the Nelly threatened to fire on the boarding party, but she soon came within range of the South Carolina and had to surrender. Commodore Gillon was able to sail into Havana on January 12th with five prizes in tow.

  • Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names record for Old Bahama Channel

  • Jefferey's Composite Map of the Caribbean, 1775, from Rumsey Historical Map Collection:

    Bahama Channel

  • RevWar75  
    Jan 1782 listing: 1/7/1782 Atlantic Ocean, the Bahama Channel. Shown as insufficient data.

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