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Savannah, capture.

What: Battle, MG Howe vs. *Lt.Col. Campbell, 29 Dec 1778

Other names:

32.08376 -81.02873 British landing
32.067244 -81.036585 Girardeau's Plantation, skirmish
32.072245 -81.084034 final American line

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    SAVANNAH 1778   1=Girardeau's   2=March to attack   3=Before attack   4=Battle lines

  • The 1778 map used above is found in the essay "The Fortresses of Savannah" by Jim Byous. Quotation from this essay:
    "The American patriots of Savannah were not prepared for a British invasion. Defenses by this time were in disrepair. Some preparations had been attempted but were inadequate for protection. The rebels sank hulks in the river and erected a battery at Trustee's gardens in this same location, but otherwise, "The metropolis of Georgia was in the most defenceless condition imaginable,... " A battery had been thrown up at the eastern extremity of the city, upon which a few guns had been mounted,..." but, "Every other part of the city was exposed,..." The Trustee's Battery -- referred to by the British as "The Fort"-- was erected in 1776 and was only a line battery. Though a wall had been erected around the city it was of little value. On December 27, 1778 British landed at Girardeau's plantation and attacked two days later. A battery at the site of the present Fort Jackson lay in ruins near the landing point. One map of the scene shows Girardeau's Plantation mistakenly labeled "Gordon's." British forces won control of the city. Not shown on the map the "New Erected Works" at the eastern end of the city, but it does indicate a rebel battery thrown up to meet the invaders near what is now the Wheaton Street and Waters Avenue intersection."

  • It may be noted on the 1778 map that the a)distance from Savannah to Girardeau's Plantation is 60% greater than the b)distance from 1778 Savannah to Dutch Island. The location near Fort Jackson is closer to 1778 Savannah than is Dutch Island. Accepting the Fort Jackson location (as is the case for both Jim Byous and Steve Scott) implies concluding that the 1778 map is inaccurate in this respect.

  • 1780 map of Savannah, shown for comparison:


  • CBB: Girardeau's Plantation, based on information by Steve Scott:
    32.08376 -81.02873 British landing (Steve Scott)     32.067244 -81.036585 Girardeau's Plantation, skirmish, (CB/SS)

  • CBB: Savannah 1778 lines, American 32.072245 -81.084034, British 32.071343 -81.083216

  • Southern Campaigns of the American Revolution n/l, Search for archibald campbell. 46 returns (through 12-2016), many relevant

  • NBBAS:One. p. 213-222

  • Sherman, "Calendar..." . Search for savannah, (note comma). Numerous returns, mostly relevant. To avoid long downloads, use option to "Save and view this PDF in Reader".

  • RevWar75   listing. 12-29-1978. Shown as British victory.
    Google search for RevWar75 listings related to savannah. 36 returns.

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