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Berry Hill Plantation/Saura Town

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36.5531940 -79.613085 Berry Hill, Pittsylvania Co. VA (GNIS)
36.60458 -79.522951 Berry Hill marker ("5¼ miles to the south...')
36.48769 -79.69390 Lower Saura Town (per mkr J-44)
36.29786 -80.095513 Upper Saura Town (per mkr J-43)
36.46304 -79.72652 Historical marker J-44 (per NCHHMP)
36.32699 -80.09540 Historical marker J-43 (per NCHHMP)

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  • SCAR Pension Application of John Dowtin: S6801, Transcribed and annotated by C. Leon Harris
    was in the Battle at Guilford [Guilford Courthouse, 15 March 1781] under the command of Col. Pink Eaton [Thomas Pinketham Eaton] having rec’d in said Battle at Guilford a wound in the left thigh, and was removed to the hospital at the old Saura Town on Dan river [in Stokes County NC] call’d Perkins’s. one Philips he thinks was the officer at the Hospital and Doctor Bracon was call’d the head Surgeon of the Hospital as he verily[?] thinks & believes.
    [JR note: Perkin's "Berry Hill Plantation", used as a hospital after Guilford Courthouse was located in Pittsylvania County VA, to the ENE of Eden NC and of Lower Saura Town. It is approximately 6 miles from Berry Hill to Lower Saura Town in Rockingham Co. NC. Lower Saura Town was in Guilford County in 1781 and after 1785, in Rockingham County.]

  • Maud Carter Clement, The History of Pittsylvania County, Virginia
    Peter Perkins established his homes on the lands bequeathed him by his father, on the north side of Dan River, on an eminence overlooking the river. His home, called 'Berry Hill,' is standing today, and is a beautiful example of early American architecture. He was an ardent patriot and during the Revolutionary War served first as captain and later as colonel of the Pittsylvania militia; and also threw open his home to be used as a military hospital.

  • Sherman's Calendar.... Search for Doctor James Brown. Note: footnote numbers will vary in later revisions.
    6 May [1781]. Doctor James Brown, at the General Hospital located at Col. Perkins in Pittsylvania, Virginia, wrote to Greene saying that since the establishment of the hospital more than 200 soldiers have returned to Greene's army. Brown said he anticipated sending 60 or 70 more, many of whom were wounded at Guilford Court House. Even though it had been difficult to acquire provisions, only three men died of their wounds. In compliance with Greene's order, 3 doctors had been sent to Charlotte.2052

    2052 NGP [Nathanael Greene Papers] vol. VIII, pp. 212-213.

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  • Google The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, p.222:
    General Greene sent his wounded about fifty miles west of Irwin's Ferry to Berry Hill, the home of Colonel Perkins in Pittsylvania County ...

  • "Virginia Highway Marker: Berry Hill"
    Berry Hill (U-40)

    Berry Hill is situated 5 1/4 miles to the south on the Dan River. The original portion of the main house was built in 1745 and there have been several additions. The property was used as a hospital for General Nathanael Greene's army during the spring of 1781, following the Battle of Guilford Court House.

    Virginia Historic Landmarks Commission, 1976.

    "The marker is located on the south side of US 58 near its intersection with VA 863 at Callahan's Hill west of Danville."

  • Henry H. Mitchell, "Echoes of the Revolution at Berry Hill"
    In 1976, as a part of the U. S. Bicentennial effort, the Virginia Historic Landmarks Commission authorized the placement along US 58 west of Danville of a marker recognizing Berry Hill. Berry Hill, unobtrusively nestled among ancient trees and giant boxwood several miles to the southwest along the road to Eden (VA 863), seems to have quietly absorbed its past into a complicated ongoing fabric of life, rather than boldly proclaiming the important role it once had.

  • North Carolina Highway Historical Marker Program
    • J-43 Upper Saura Town:
      J-43. UPPER SAURA TOWN. A village of the Saura Indians, abandoned by that tribe in the early 18th century, was on Dan River, two mi. S.
    • J-44 Lower Saura Town
      J-44. LOWER SAURA TOWN. A village of the Saura Indians, abandoned by that tribe in the early 18th century, was on Dan River, 2 1/2 mi. N.E.

  • "Cheraw Indian Tribe History"
    There seem to have been 2 villages, as on a map of 1760 we find this place designated as "Lower Saura Town," while about 30 miles above, on the south side of the Dan and between it and Town fork, is another place marked "Upper Saura Town." They are also alluded to by J. F. D. Smyth (Tour in LT. S., 1784), who says the upper town was insignificant.

  • Blackwell P. Robinson and Alexander R. Stoesen, Archive History Of Guilford County, North Carolina
    A final word about these Saura Indians has been left by the English traveller, J. F. D. Smyth, writing of his stay at Saura Town in 1784 – just a year before that part of Guilford became Rockingham:

    The Sawras, although once a considerable nation of Indians, have been long extinct: there is not even a single family or trace of them remaining, excepting these vestiges of their towns, which still continue to support their name, this being fortunately preserved as the appellation of these two settlements.

    The upper Sawra Towns [in present Stokes County, northwest of Walnut Cove] are trifling and insignificant, compared with the lower Sawra Towns [in the land of Eden], which is an extremely valuable settlement...

    The whole settlement of the lower Sawra Towns, being a vast body of excellent and most valuable land, containing thirty-three thousand acres, of which more than nine hundred are exceedingly rich low grounds, is the property of Mr. Farley, of the island of Antigua in the West Indies, and formerly belonged to the late Col. William Byrd, of Westover, on James River in Virginia. (10)

    [footnote](10) John F. D. Smyth, A Tour in the United States of America (Dublin, Ireland: Printed by G. Perrin, for Messrs. Price, Moncriefee, etc., 1784), I, 165, 168.

  • Google Franz Boas, Chinook Texts, p.59, 1894, Govt. Print. Off.
    There may have been two villages occupied by the tribe in this neighborhood, as on a map of 1700 we find this spot designated as "Lower Saura Town" while about 30 miles above, on the southern side of the Dau, and between it and Town fork, is another place marked " Upper Saura Town." This latter was on the site of the present Sauratown in Stokes county, North Carolina. The two towns thus designated, however, were white settlements.

  • "National Register of Historic Places" lists
    Site 31RK1 ** (added 1984 - Site - #84002474)
    Also known as Site 31RK1;Lower Saura Town;Lower Sara Town;Lower Sauro Town
    Address Restricted, Eden
    Historic Significance: Information Potential
    Area of Significance: Prehistoric
    Cultural Affiliation: Eastern Siouan
    Period of Significance: 1499-1000 AD, 1500-1599
    Owner: Private
    Historic Function: Domestic
    Historic Sub-function: Village Site
    Current Function: Agriculture/Subsistence
    Current Sub-function: Agricultural Fields

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