Sandy Point SC

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14 Mar 1776, Capture of small ship with flour, *unknown American cdrs vs. unknown Loyalist cdr (JCP)

32.62354 -79.9945 Sandy Point SC

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  • 32.62354,-79.9945 Sandy Point, SC
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  • 32.6187920 -80.006759 Sandy Point SC
  • GNIS record for Sandy Point, Charleston County, near Kiawah Note mapping options.
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  • JCP:
    1. Kiawah Sandy Point - There is a river that goes right by that location. Flour would likely be a cargo coming down the Stono River, which is a BIG river that transits a large area. That is not the case at the northern Sandy Point. 2. The Loyalist ship was run aground and the crew escaped on land. This is possible at the Kiawah Sandy Point as the water is deep very close to the shore there. A land escape would allow them to regroup and open fire on the tenders. 3. The only Sandy Point that fits the text and events is the one on the northern tip of Kiawah Island.

  • The Revolutionary War Battles Website,
    On March 14 [1776], a couple of South Carolina tenders were sailing up river at Sandy Point when they encountered a small Loyalist ship coming down the river with a cargo of flour. The Loyalists quickly ran their ship aground and fled. The tenders stayed with the ship, trying to work it loose. The Tories regrouped and opened fire on the tenders. They fired back at the Tories. When the tide came in, the tenders were able to work free the Loyalist ship and carried it downstream to Charlestown.

    Americans: 1 wounded, British: 3 killed.
    American victory.
    Almost direct quote from O'Kelley, following.

  • NBBAS:One P.92, source: The Pennsylvania Gazette, May 1, 1776

  • RevWar75 RevWar75  
  • Mar 1776 listing 14 Mar 1776 Sandy Point. Shown as draw. Per O'Kelley.

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