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Roads & Trails of the of the American Revolution & Miscellaneous

Derivative Maps from the

Cherokee Prayer Initiative 1999-2002

Basis Sites:

Derivative Maps:

  • Google custom map of (1)CPI site locations, (2)Cherokee Path, (3)Great Indian War Trail & (4)Rutherford Trace Route. This is a work-in-progress. It will be updated periodically until all possible locations have been plotted. While you may use and print portions of this map, the map will only work when run from this server. If you would like to install the map on your website, please contact John Robertson for instructions on how to make it work for you.
  • Rutherford Trace Google map showing CPI locations in the vicinity.
    • + = corrected location
    • Locations with number prefixes are Archive Cherokee Prayer Initiative locations in the vicinity, 36 of which were burned in Rutherford's campaign
    • Locations with letter & number suffixes are historical highway markers.
    • Clicking on waypoint will offer driving directions. Clicking on "Go" with blank field will bring site up in Google map showing coordinates. Bear in mind that many of these locations are only of "somewhere in this area" accuracy.
    • With all waypoints displayed, mouse-overs in the waypoint list will highlight locations on map. Tip: use on dates or camp numbers to see sequence.
  • Cherokee Path Google Map based on CPI data. Additional waypoints added. Clicking on waypoint will offer driving directions. Clicking on "Go" with no entries will bring up location in small Google map, displaying coordinates. Bear in mind that many of these locations are of "somewhere in this area" accuracy.
  • Southern Conflicts Involving Native-Americans, 1775-1782. This is a work-in-progress. Cherokee locations need comparison and analysis. Additional locations have been added from other sources, with a particular effort to find actions for which the whites retaliated by burning villages.
  • Conflicts N&S 1774-1783 Involving Native Americans. This essentially the same map as that above, to which I have added Elvin Birth's data for Sullivan's Campaign 1778-1779 plus similar actions in that region in that timeframe. This is far from complete but shows that the colonists were fighting 2 wars at the same time.
  • Google Earth map. This will be created only after the Google custom map (above) has been completed. When it becomes available, you will be able to load and save it to your computer and run it any time.

Files Used in this Project:

  • Worklist of sites.
    # = CPI location number.
    An x in the "pl" column means that the site has been plotted.
    A listing in the maps column will indicate the maps on which this location is found using the assigned map prefix # assigned by me (as found in following listing). A location may be found on multiple maps.
    In the "name" column will be found a terse version of the location name from the "Listing of locations of interest";, above. A "+" at the end of the location name indicates that I have used some other source for the location than that provided in the CPI information.
  • Maps from Gene Brooks with added numbered prefix showing site numbers found on each. These retain the same filenames as provided by Gene Brooks, but for simpler reference, I have prefixed "01-"; through "35-" sequentially to the original filenames. In the "Worklist of sites", above, they are referenced by the added numerical prefix alone.
  • Listing of about 90 sites having hostilities during 1775-1781 which would be suitable for adding to the gazetteer of Revolutionary War actions. Those showing an asterisk (*) were not shown on the CPI maps and may not be possible to locate.

    Cherokee Towns Areas