Rush's Mill.

What: Murder, George Hartzog vs. *Blitchington,, 1782

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Where: 33.168184 -81.226535, Rush's Mill, per JP

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  • JP:
    That is where George Hartzog was killed for supplying the American forces with food during the Rev War.
    According to family tradition, a Tory, by the name of Blitchington, killed George in 1782 at Rush's Mill, in Barnwell District near the present town of Olar...
    [Per here] In the last year of the conflict, 1782, after hostilities had almost ended, a Tory stabbed and killed George at Rush’s Mill in Orangeburg District. George was 44. George’s brother Tobias, who supplied the Continental Army with corn, forage, and at least 1,200 pounds of beef, had over 750 acres of land on and near the Edisto.

    The above does not agree with what is on the Granite Marker. It is now believed, by the person who was supplied the script for the marker, that the stabbing was the means of death, but either way, he was killed by the Tories for his role in the Rev War. I have two dates for his birth, 1736 & 1738, so he was either 44 or 46 when killed... Also, an interesting note is that the description of the County Line between Barnwell and Bamberg Counties mentions Rush's Mill as one of the landmarks on George's Creek.

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