Round O

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MG Nathanael Greene, camp, 13 Dec 1781 to early 1782

32.918063 -80.534766 Greene's Camp, Round O
32.9377979 -80.541610610 Historical Marker

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  • Terry W. Lipscomb, Names in South Carolina, "South Carolina Revolutionary Battles, Part Eight ", University of South Carolina, English Dept., Winter, 1980, XXVII: p.16
    General Greene proceeded across the Edisto River, and on December 7 he joined his army at its new encampment on the Round O. The engineer Kosciusko had selected an appropriate site on the plantation of Roger Sanders. The exact location is said to have been on Sanders Hill, which is on the west side of present state secondary road 45, just north of Chessey Creek. This is in modern Colleton County between Walterboro and Cottageville, about a mile and a half south of U.S. 17-A.6 While Greene established a base here, his light and highly mobile auxiliary troops moved closer to Charleston to keep a sharp watch on the activities of the British.

  • William Dobein James, A Sketch of the Life of Brig. Gen. Francis Marion, Chapter III, "Campaign Of 1781", Search for "december 7th" (near bottom, continued here)
    December 7th, he lay at Jacksonborough, and on the 13th of the same month, he encamped at the Round O. His movements were at this time cautious, in keeping both the Edisto and Ashley between himself and the enemy; because he had heard they were reinforced, and he was as yet without ammunition. He wrote now frequently to Gen. Marion, and almost every letter has a clause similar to the one of the 15th of November: "You are at liberty to act as you think advisable. I have no particular instructions to give you, and only wish you to avoid surprise."

    At the close of this year, Gov. Rutledge and his council issued writs of election for members of the senate and house of representatives, which, by proclamation issued afterwards, were appointed to meet at Jacksonborough. Gen. Greene still lay at the Round O, where he secured the rice and other provisions from the enemy, by sending out patroles of cavalry as far as Dorchester: but he had not yet received a supply of ammunition for his infantry, and Marion was also without that indispensible muniment of war. As to other necessaries he says, "Our horsemen have neither cloaks or blankets, nor have our troops received a shilling of pay since they came into this country. Nor is there a prospect of any. Yet they do not complain."* At length on the 14th of December he received a supply of ammunition and sent ~it all~ to Marion, then at Watboo, saying, "he was in expectation of soon receiving more."

    * Greene's letters, 13th and 14th December.

  • Edward McCrady, The History of South Carolina in the Revolution, 1780-1783, 1902, Macmillan & Co., Ltd. "Search in this book": "round o" (in quotes), pp.476, 486, 492-495, 501-502, 593.

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  • NBBAS:Four p.27

  • SCHHMG, p.64.
    15-A General Green at the Round O
    US 17-A about 3 miles W of Cottageville
    General Nathanael Greene advance into the Low Country with the Continental Army under his command and set up headquarters in this vicinity on the Round O in December 1781 before moving down to protect the General Assembly convened at Jacksonborough in defiance of the British who were confined in Charles Town.
    Erected by Colleton County Historical Society - 1962.

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