Richland Creek

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May 1780. John Milliken killed by Indians

Where: 36.16570 -86.87061 Richland Creek

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  • Putnam, Albigence Waldo, GoogleHistory of Middle Tennessee ..., Nashville, 1859. p.83.
    But to the point Mr Rains made a timely escape The propriety and necessity of removal soon became evident He had occupied his home three months and three days when he learned that the Indians had killed John Milliken on Richland Creek and Joseph Hay near the Sulphur Spring and were very much disposed to make attacks upon all persons who were not under the immediate protection of the fort. Mr Rains moved to the bluff says Haywood or as we would now say he moved to town and continued there four years before he again settled in the country. When he did so return to the country he found another excellent spring in his tract of land one thousand acres
  • Albright, Edward,, GoogleEarly History of Middle Tennessee, Brandon Printing Company, 1909. P.73.
    One morning during the month of May [1780] a hunter by the of Keywood came running into the fort at the Bluff and that John Milliken had been killed on Richland Creek or six miles away The two men were journeying toward settlement and had stopped at the creek for a drink While stooped down they were fired upon by a band of Indians on the bank and Milliken fell dead Keywood had escaped uninjured and made his way alone to the settlement to the news of the tragic death of his comrade .

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