Rice's Mill.

April 1777 Capt. James Robertson & 8 men fought 30 Cherokee (CPI)

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36.51959 -82.74476, Rice's Mill

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  • 36.51959 -82.74476, Rice's Mill
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    • Rice's Mill - 1B 16 historical marker
      On the site of this mill, Henry Rice built and fortified a mill in 1775. Here, in 1776, the settlers took refuge from warring Cherokee. In April, 1777, Capt. James Robertson and eight other pioneers had a fight with 30 or 40 Cherokee near here, in which Frederick Calvatt was scalped.
      N 36° 31.176 W 082° 44.685 (36.51959 -82.74476)

    • GNISGNIS record for Rices Mill. 36.5200980 -82.7454382.

    • UNC"Letter from Charles Robertson to Richard Caswell, April 27, 1777
      The many hostilities committed by the Cherokee and Creek Indians on this frontier since the departure of the Gentm. Delegates from this County, merits your Excellency's consideration. I will give myself the pleasure to inform you of the particulars of this distressed place, and of our unhappy situation. There have been several late murders committed, and on the 10th of this instant one Frederick Calvatt was shot and scalped, but is yet living: and on the day following Capt. James Robertson pursued the enemy with nine men, killed one and retook ten horses, and on his return in the evening, was attacked by a party of Creeks and Cherokees, who wounded two of his men. Robertson returned the fire very bravely, but was obliged to retreat on account of their superior number; still, kept the horses, and brought them in.
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