Global Gazetteer of the American Revolution
© 2006 John A. Robertson All rights reserved.
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Location St Co Latitude Longitude Comment   TOP Data C
Quacoratchee SC Pic 34.94832 -82.83232 1776- Burned by Neel and Thomas' Regts. (CPI) 3
Quaker Hill RI New 41.587 -71.253 Incomplete  
Quaker Meadows NC Bur 35.784 -81.746 Incomplete  
Quaker Ridge NY Wes 40.971 -73.780 Incomplete  
Quarter House SC Cha 32.85142 -79.97147 29 Mar 1780 British camp Skirmish *Lt.Col. Wade Hampton vs. Lt David Waugh; 15 July 1781; other skirmishes? (JCP) 3
Quash's Plantation SC Ber 33.14993 -79.79746 Campsite; Francis Marion; Nov. - Dec. 1781 (PJO) 2
Quebec CAN Que 46.802 -71.230 Incomplete  
Queen Esther's Town PA Bra 41.91700 -76.52093 9/27/78 Col. Hartley burned 4
Queens County NY Que 40.700 -73.800 Incomplete  
Quibbletown NJ Mid 40.499 -74.399 Incomplete  
Quinby Bridge SC Ber 33.094336 -79.8081343 Battle; 17 July 1781; Battle; BG Sumter vs. Lt.Col. Coate (DPR) 5
Quinby Plantation         See Quinby's Bridge  
Quinton's Bridge NJ Sal 39.54845 -75.41434 Incomplete  
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