Pyle's Defeat.

Other names: Pyle's Hacking Match, Pyle's Massacre, Haw River

What: Pyles Defeat, 25 February 1781, skirmish, *Lt.Col. Henry Lee vs. Col. John Pyle

1:   36.05732,-79.43107
2:   36.04334, -79.45095

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  • Pyle's Defeat 1 (CBB, per Dunaway and Bright)
    Dunaway and Bright, Pyle’s Defeat, The Most Complete Guide: Case Closed. 2011.
    Paperback: 236 pages
    Publisher: (September 22, 2011)
    Language: English
    ISBN-10: 1257855778
    ISBN-13: 978-1257855773
    Product Dimensions: 11 x 8.3 x 0.5 inches
    The Battle of Pyle’s Defeat was the bloodiest ten minutes of all Alamance County history. On February 24, 1781, a few hundred yards of Alamance County (then Orange County) were stained red with the blood of a few hundred local citizens. Nearly 100 Tory soldiers were killed, with another 100 taken prisoner, wounded, or unaccounted.For generations historians have pondered what really happened at this killing field without any real depth of rationality. Some have just simply replaced fact with convenient speculation of where the hacking actually took place. Our answer to these contemporaries, and their agendas, is the comprehensive presentation in this work, of the letters, memoirs, and field notes of the men who participated. Besides the insight gained from these writings, we provide the reader the proper locations and mileage by plotting the actual routes. It was not our wish when we started this project to revise history, but to correct the myths that have been perpetuated since 1849.

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  • Pyle's Defeat 2 (BD)
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  • Acme Map, North to South: 1) Marker G-22, 2) Dunaway & Bright, 3) Alamance Foundation & NSSAR, and 4) Bert Dunkerly.

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  • RevWar75 RevWar75  
    February 1781. Haw River, 25 February 1781.

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