Port Royal Ferry.

What: 2 Sep 1782: *Mordecai Gist vs. Balfour & Shark

Where: 32.540465 -80.745384, Port Royal Ferry

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  • NBBAS:Four, p.88.
    Port Royal Ferry, South Carolina
    2 September 1782

    General Gist pursued the British to Port Royal Ferry after the engagement at Combahee Ferry. He brought a 6-pound cannon to oppose any British foraging parties. Two of the galleys that had been at the action at Combahee Ferry, the Balfour and the Shark, were guarding Port Royal Ferry. Gist brought up the 6-pound field gun and opened fire on the galleys. Both galleys slipped their cables and attempted to escape, but the Balfour ran aground. The Balfour’s crew did a hasty job of spiking the guns and abandoned the galley. The Patriots captured the Balfour and its cargo of beef, rice and poultry.

    Gist rejoined the main army after having marched 150 miles in seven days. This was the last engagement of the Delaware Regiment in the Carolinas. William Seymour wrote “this expedition among the rice-fields in the month of August and September had nearly ruined the light infantry.” After the Balfour was repaired she was outfitted with two 9-pounders and placed under the command of Lieutenant Adams.

  • Mill 1820 Beaufort District map:
    P R Ferry

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  • RevWar75 RevWar75   listing. 9/2/1782 Port Royal Ferry. Shown as land/sea action; a draw.

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