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Port Royal Bay

What: Skirmish, Port Royal Bay, 16 Dec 1778, Sally, Capt. Benjamin Stone vs. *British transport

Other names: Port Royal Sound

Where: 32.2618684 -80.6781635, Port Royal Bay (Sound)

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    NBBAS:Vol. One p.211.

    Port Royal Bay, South Carolina, 16 December 1778

    The sloop Sally had been outfitted by the merchants of Charlestown to patrol the coast, and stop the privateers who had been attacking the merchantís ships. Captain Benjamin Stone commanded the ship and had armed her with eight cannon.

    On December 16th he saw a large transport ship at the mouth of Port Royal Harbor and sailed to within twenty-five yards to investigate. As he came alongside the ship the wind died and the transportís hidden crew appeared on deck, firing muskets at the Sally. Stone had six men killed and twelve wounded, but he was able to withdraw by having his crew row the sloop away from the privateers. Captain Francis Johnson on board the Sally was killed, along with five other sailors. They were buried in the St. Philip churchyard in Charlestown in a funeral attended "by a great number of townspeople."

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