Porta Novo

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Porta Novo, 1782.

Where: 11.493 79.763 Porta Novo

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  • 11.493 79.763 Porta Novo
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  • GBooks James Franck Bright, A History of England ...: Period III. Constitutional monarchy: William and Mary to William IV. 1689-1837, p.1127.
    But all prospect of carrying out the ambitious ecbemee of Hastings for subjugating the Mah!attu 'W88 suddenly clouded. News arrived in 1780 that Hyder Ali, who had long been watching his opportunity, had pounced upon •Madras. He saw the English engaged in a vast Indian war, be knew that their arms were not succeeeful in America, be expected the speedy arrival of a large French force, his time had come at last, and he ftung himaelf in irreaiatible numbem upon the Camatic. The English were virtually taken by aurpriae ; one army under Colonel :Baylie 'W88 deatroyed, a eecond under Sir Hector Munro saved itaelf by rapid ftight. In a moment Hastings comprehended the new situation of a1faira ; the news reached Calcutta on the 93rd of September, on the 16th he 'W88 ready with a complete new plan of operations. He oifered peace and alliance to the Mahrattaa ; he embarked all available troope for 1ladraa ; in virtue of the supremacy of Bengal, he ventm:ed to mspend Whitewell, the incompetent Governor of Madras ; he gave the command to Sir Eyre Coote, and aent a1ao vast mma of money thither. It was to 8U8tain this great effort, without if poasible diminishing the gains of the Company, that Hastings committed the rest of tboae acta of oppreaeion which were afterwards alleged against him. To supply the greed of his employers he had sold Britiab troops to destroy the Rohillaa ; in his great struggle for power he had strained the law in the caae of Nuncomar; to support his 11abratta and llyaore wars he stooped to actions injustice and cruelty. The return of Sir Eyre Coote re-established affairs at Madras, he won a great victory at Porla Novo and a second at Pollilore. The general peace in 1783 put a conclusion to the war, which had been continued by Tippoo upon the death of his father Hyder Ali. Hastings had succeeded in concluding a treaty with the Mahrattaa, and had his hands free for carrying on with energy operations against Myaore, the Dutch, and the French 1leet under De Suffren. All the Dutch settlements had been captured; .five great indecisive battles had been fought between De Suffren and Sir EdwaM. Hughes ; but no striking advantages had been won over Tippoo, who had even met with aome auCCEIIIIell on the Malabar coast. With the European nations terma had been arranged in France ; with Tippoo a peace waa made on the conditions of the mutual restorations of conquest.

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