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Where: 11.930 79.832 Pondicherry

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  • 11.930 79.832 Pondicherry
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  • Google Allen, Joseph, Battles of the British Navy, Vol. I (1190-1799), London: Henry G. Bohn, 1852. Click on icon in u.r.h. corner to download pdf. P.267ff.
    On the 10th of August [1778], a British squadron, under Commodore Sir Edward Vernon, consisting of the following ships, [named] being off Pondicherry, encountered a French squadron; consisting of the 64-gun ship Brillant, 36-gun frigate Pourvoyant, 32-gun frigate Sartine, and two armed country ships of twenty-four guns each, commanded by Commodore Tronjolli. The action was commenced by the Rippon, at about 2h. 45m. P.M., and continued at close quarters till 4h. 45m., when the enemy made sail, and, being less crippled in spars and faster sailers, escaped into Pondicherry. The number of killed and wounded is believed to have been severe on both sides. Although Sir Edward Vernon frequently offered battle to M. de Tronjolli, he was unable to bring him again to action ; but on the 25th of October, the Seahorse engaged and took the Sartine, which, being a fine ship only two years old, was taken into the British navy.

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