Pine Wood House.

What: Murder, John Foreman vs. *John Crawford

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Where: 33.7354132 -81.8556667

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  • 33.7354132 -81.8556667, Pine Wood Crossroads
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    • Jack Parker:
      33.73420 N 81.85573 W - This is the location of the NEW two story Pine Wood House. The original was across Highway 25 about where the Produce Stand is now.

    • Terry Lipscomb, Part 7, Names in South Carolina, Winter 1979, p.37-38
      On his march northward, Crawford passed through modern Edgefield County, murdered a Patriot named George Foreman and his two sons near the Pine Wood House, and marched within four miles of Martintown. The Pine House was a tavern near the crossroads of present U.S. 25 and S.C. 121 southeast of Edgefield; it owed its fame principally to a meal that President George Washington ate there in 1791.

    • Barefoot, p.125 (tavern)

    • SC Historic Highway Marker Guide, Shown in index, but not found.

    • NBBAS:Four P. 404
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    • Sherman, "Calendar...". Too late for this work. To avoid long downloads, use option to "Save and view this PDF in Reader".

    • RevWar75 RevWar75   listing. 12/1781 Pine Wood House (Martintown). British victory.

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