Pickens' Blockhouse  

Pickens' Blockhouse.

Fortified position.

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34.183014 -82.373805, Pickens' Blockhouse

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  • Jack Parker
    General Andrew Picken's Blockhouse is located at 34.18301 N 82.37380 W. The Little River Electric Co-op, 300 Cambridge Street is on that location now. This location is common knowledge among the history minded in Abbeville.

  • "Who was General Andrew Pickens?"
    Andrew Pickens served in the Cherokee War of 1760-1761 and was an officer in a provincial regiment that accompanied Colonel James Grant and British regulars in an expedition against the Lower Cherokee towns in 1761. He moved in 1764 to the Long Cane Creek settlement in Abbeville County where he married Rebecca Calhoun, aunt of John C. Calhoun. In 1768, Pickens built a blockhouse at the future location of Abbeville, to defend against Indian attack and to serve as his base for the Indian trading business.

  • Alan C. Cate, Founding Fighters: The Battlefield Leaders Who Made American Independence , 2006, Greenwood Press, p.133
    The Cherokees, partly stirred up by British agents and seeing a opportunity in the white man's struggle, went on th warpath. Pickens gathered his family and neighbors in a blockhouse he had built, made provision for it defense and took the field. A brutal, no-quarters campaign conducted jointly by North and South Carolina militia killed over 2,000 Indiians, destroyed 32 villages, and broke Cherokee power.

  • Patrick Cain, Revolutionary War Pension Statement, S13671?
    "Guard some tories at a blockhouse on the plantation of General Pickens for 2 months - early 1780."

  • E.M. Sharp, Pickens Families Of The South
    , 1963, E.M. Sharp After the surrender of Charleston the people in Picken's Block House, for fear of Indians, fall short of corn, when the following men went with wagons to Corenaca Creek farmers for its corn: HUGH PORTER, JARED LINDELL, ENOS CRAWFORD, ANDREW WHITE, MATTHEW THOMPSON, JONES BEARD, FINLEY, one of the SMITHS, and the brother of ANDREW PICKENS. They were attacked by the Tories under John Crawford. They shot three Americans on the spot, Enos Crawford, Hugh Porter and Picken's brother.

  • NBBAS:Three. p.405.
    McCord Creek, South Carolina
    "The Bloody Scout"
    7 December 1781

    Captain John Crawford continued his part in the death and destruction during "The Bloody Scout." He rode to General Andrew Pickensís blockhouse and on the morning of December 7th and surprised a convoy of wagons being guarded by Captain Moses Liddell. Crawford and his Loyalists quickly drove off Liddellís escorts, killing several of his men. Crawford burned the entire train of wagons and took the waggoners prisoner. Crawford and his men then escaped into the Cherokee Nation.

    Crawford turned over the prisoners to the Cherokees who tortured most of them to death. John Pickens, the brother of Andrew Pickens, was one of the captives and was singled out for special torture.

    This would be a mistake for the Cherokees. Brigadier General Pickens would exact his revenge against their whole nation in 1782.

  • Sherman, "Calendar...". Too late for this work. To avoid long downloads, use option to "Save and view this PDF in Reader".

  • RevWar75 RevWar75   Dec 1781 listing.
    12/7/1781 McCord Creek. Insufficient data.

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